Fresh Gourmet Meal Delivery New York Style

Zone Diet Elite Delivery NYC Baked Glazed Ham & Salad

New York expects fresh gourmet meal delivery…and Zone Diet Elite is what you expect. No frozen or freeze dried meals in a cardboard box. No week’s worth of food prepared weeks ago. Just fresh delicious meals that promote weight loss…this is fresh gourmet meal delivery New York Style.

Fresh gourmet dining prepared by professional chefs delivered to your home…and every meal has been prepared in balanced proportions inspired by well-known guidelines to encourage weight loss and healthy eating.

Zone Diet Elite offers meals delivered to New Yorkers who want the best. You want delicious, gourmet meals but you don’t want to eat unhealthy…you want Zone Diet Elite fresh gourmet meals delivered. Its an easy, convenient and delicious way to improved health and weight loss.

This is not your usual home diet delivery where manufactured food, spotty customer service and missed deliveries are typical. Zone Diet Elite is the exception…and the exceptional.

New Yorkers deserve what they’re known for:  The Finest. Our total meal program is inspired by the world’s most well known diet to support your healthy meal approach to weight management, blood pressure or insulin management. Unlike others, our three spectacular meals and two gourmet snacks are delivered to your door…fresh.

Call today for more information and to start your program…212.558.9086.