Lose Weight With Meals That Taste Great

Zone Diet Elite Steak

You can lose weight eating great tasting fresh food from Zone Diet Elite diet meal delivery NYC. We deliver fresh, healthy and delicious gourmet meals to your doorstep…not a week or month’s worth of food that’s been freeze dried or frozen solid. Unlike most other diet delivery programs, our chefs shop for the freshest ingredients throughout the week to insure that everything Zone Diet Elite meal delivery delivers to you is fresh and delicious. Every meal is prepared locally following the acclaimed 40-30-30 balanced formula to help you lose weight. Instead of boxing up less-than-fresh, freeze-dried or frozen food ingredients, our professional chefs prepare your meals just before your scheduled meal delivery. This ensures that all of your delicious meals will be fresh on arrival. This is an important reason why people lose weight on our program…the food is always fresh and delicious! Read more about how our program will make it easy to help you lose weight.

Take a look at our Zone Diet Elite sample menus…these are gourmet meal selections from our menus. Many people have been on Zone inspired weight loss programs and discovered that it is not only easy and convenient to eat fresh, healthy and delicious meals, it has also improved their health. Or better yet, call us at 212.558.9086. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular situation, your goals, and how the Zone Diet Elite diet meal program can work for you.