We Deliver Delicious Fresh Gourmet Diet Meals

Zone Diet Elite Meal Delivery NYC Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella

We deliver delicious and fresh gourmet diet meals right to your door in a secured insulated cooler bag. If you live in a private home we leave the bag in accordance with your instructions. Front porch, back door or wherever you prefer. If you reside in an apartment house or condo with a doorman, just leave instructions that give us permission to leave your food right in front of your door. If you do not have a doorman, simply supply us with the key to the front exterior door of the building and we will leave the cooler bag in front of your door as well. We cannot call or buzz you, as delivery times change with the routing schedule.

Our daily menus are selected and prepared by our professional kitchen staff who use only the freshest ingredients. All meals and snacks are 40-30-30, so all meals and snacks are interchangeable. Many people have microwaves at work so you can take dinner instead of lunch. We send breakfast and dinner in micro-wavable containers. You simply leave the empty cooler bag outside your door at night, and our delivery people replace it with your Zone Diet Delivery NYC food for the next day.

We deliver your Zone Diet Elite fresh delicious gourmet diet meals and snacks daily at night Sunday through Thursday for the next day’s meals and Friday night for Saturday and Sunday’s meals. Call us 212.558.9086.