Weight Loss Plans Frequently Asked Questions

Weight Loss Plans - Zone Diet Elite Pricing

Our weight loss plans FAQ will answer most of your questions about Zone Diet Elite weight loss plans, but please call 212.558.9086 for more information and to learn about our program options.

Where does Zone Diet Elite deliver?

Zone Diet Elite has expanded its delivery area and now serves our clients in New York City and The NY Tri-State area which encompasses the populated areas in the states of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, Long Island and Westchester counties in NY, southwest Connecticut all the way to Bridgeport, Central and Northern New Jersey. If you think your delivery address is ‘borderline’ based on this general description, please call to confirm that we can deliver to you – 212.558.9086

Should I Sign Up if I don’t need to lose weight?

Absolutely! This is a lifelong approach for your weight loss plans…control your hormones and you can control your weight. It’s about good health and increased energy. The overall benefits of the Zone Diet Elite weight loss plans delivery program can contribute significantly to your healthier lifestyle and improved wellness.

Will I Be Hungry?

When your body gets carbs, protein and fat in the proper percentages of 40-30-30 respectively, cravings and hunger are a thing of the past.

What about exercise?

Well, of course exercise is good for us and we should exercise. However, the fat loss is not dependent on exercise.

Can I stop or postpone my delivery if I need to?

Of course! We can customize your personal weight loss plan to fit your schedule…just give us 72 hours notice.

Do I Need An Account On This Site?

No, you don’t. In the future we may offer special opportunities for those who register on our website. When we offer special promotions or feature special weight loss plans, these offers may be made exclusively to our registered clients before they are made publicly available. As we add new online features, like most websites, some of these features will only be available to registered users. When available, creating a user account does not automatically enroll you in a Zone Diet Elite meal delivery program or our weight loss plans. If you would like to find out more about our programs before registering on our site, no problem. Simply call, email or contact us directly from this site to find out more.

What about Refunds and Changes for your programs?

Due to the customized nature of our fresh diet delivery programs: all sales are final and non-refundable. We encourage new clients to try our trial programs to make sure it meets your needs. If you decide to convert your trial into a full program within the first 7 days of delivery you will be prorated into a full program and your daily rate will be retroactive.

What if I am on medication?

Consult with your doctor before you begin any nutrition or start weight loss plans.

What happens when I’m off the program?

Because the program is comprised of normal everyday food, it is easy to stay on the program on your own. Pay attention to what you are actually eating while you are on the program. Be aware of the portion sizes. It’s a good idea to save the daily menu that comes with your food delivery. It is a good reference for you when you are on your own. It will also assist you when you are ordering your food in a restaurant.

Can I have a cocktail with dinner?

If you have a cocktail with dinner, remember alcohol goes into your body as a carbohydrate. So, balance it with some protein and fat. A piece of low fat cheese does the trick. It’s a good idea to consider the alcohol your carbohydrate for that meal. Remember, if you go off the program for one meal it does not signal the end of the world. It just means that until your next 40-30-30 meal you will not be burning excess fat.

Is this a high protein diet?

No. The program is a protein adequate program. It is not high protein.

What is the average weight loss?

Naturally, results will vary for everyone, but 1 to 3 pounds per week is average. Adherence to your program and resisting the temptation to eat foods not on the program will help you achieve the greatest weight loss potential.